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ALL Smokers, Younger or Older:
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SKEPTICS: Please see posts below:
"Don't Let SKEPTICISM..." and "Think About It ..."
The substance Jim used has been documented thousands
of times in mainstream science and medical, including

The Journal of the American Medical Association

(JAMA) for many diseases, conditions, and ailments.
Yet, mainstream medicine is far from recognizing and
promoting it; evidently because it's naturally occurring and
therefore, it's inexpensive, not patentable and not profitable.
Forward-thinking, alternative doctors have recommended and
administered it
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Countless people have for years and are now using it at home
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Others are spreading this news, and now we are too.
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"I read the PDF. Well written.Very impressed
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M. Owen, Australia
"I read your report on emphysema and COPD,
and it gives a very good account of how to
successfully treat these conditions.”
Alan M., Scotland
We're not saying you shouldn't quit smoking,
we're just telling Jim's story ...
20 Years ago,
I Was On My Death Bed ...

with Less Than 6 Months to Live.
After Starting This Home Treatment—
I Was Back On My Feet and Working in 3 DAYS!

I Never Quit Smoking and
After Only 6 Weeks of This Treatment ...
My Doctor Exclaimed ...
"Whatever you've been doing—keep doing it!
Hold your skepticism until after you read our e-book!
It couldn't be more credible!


(20 Years Ago ... and It Only Cost Me $20)
by Jim

I was on my death bed. My skin color was bluish and I was getting weaker by the day. My Doctor gave me 2 years to live—if I quit smoking and did everything right. He gave me only 6 months to live—if I continued living like I was, i.e., smoking 1 -2 packs of cigarettes a day. I was too weak to fight and didn't change my life-style. I resolved to just die. My days were spent in bed or on the couch. Weaker and weaker I grew.

Then it all changed—and REVERSED! Without changing my life-style in any other way, I spent $20 and began this home treatment. Within only 3 days, my skin color came back—and I was up and at 'em—and went to work! I started regaining strength and energy! Day by day, as quickly as I was deteriorating beforeI WAS NOW BEING RESTORED! My family and I couldn't believe what was now happening! Just a few days before, they were preparing for my funeralBUT NOW—I was becoming more ALIVE THAN EVER! It was INCREDIBLE!!

(Oh, I experienced one side-effect of this home treatment—my painful arthritis disappeared ... and NEVER returned! What a "side-effect"!)

About 6 weeks later, I went to my Doctor. He could not believe how well I appeared to be, and I told him what I had been doing. After he did some tests, my DOCTOR exclaimed ...

"Whatever you've been doing—keep doing it!

in about 6 WEEKS and I was
STILL SMOKING 1 - 2 Packs a Day!

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Here it is, now, over 20 years later—and I'm still alive! I NEVER quit smoking or changed my life-style in any other way. All I did was this $20 home treatment, of a natural substance, for less than 2 months, and then stopped the treatment! I never did it again, though I could have continued to maintain it, or do it occasionally. Since I have lived now over 20 years longer than my conventional doctor predicted—I have been able to know all my seven precious grandkids, and have had the energy to play ball and other activities with them over the years! I thank God for this. Had I never known about this SIMPLE $20 treatment or done it—I would never have known my grandkids—and they would have known me only by stories and photos!

I Was Given a Second Chance at Life ...
and I'd Like to Share My Story with You!
If you'd like to know my story and what I did, get my down-loadable e-book now! It is in PDF and you can print it out if you'd like. The regular price may soon be $14.95; but you can get it NOW for ONLY $9.97. You can be reading it in only minutes from now.

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Our e-book is short and to the point; its value is worth far more than the price. You can't put a real price on value that can SAVE YOU MUCH time, energy and money as well as PREVENT pain and short or long-term effects from ailments or injuries. Each of the FREE BONUSES is worth the price of the e-book.

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links within the report live and clickable.
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To extend our confidence in the value of our e-book, we're giving you a 5 Day Guarantee of satisfaction. Five days is plenty of time to read this small report, to check out its links and sources, and to realize its truth, validity, and value. If after reading it you don't feel the knowledge is valuable and you would like a refund, we will be glad to refund you. However, as this is not a tangible product that can be returned, we have one term & condition: You must write us a letter as to whether either you tried the treatment or remedies as well as the results, or explain why you don't think all of the information is valuable to you.

Please address all correspondence to: TruthOutsideTheBox@gmail.com.

The statements in the e-book are testimonies and are for informational or educational uses only. They have not been reviewed by the FDA. They are not intended for diagnosis or any medical advice. They are testimonies of what we and others have done, and we are simply exercising our right of free speech to share them. Prior to attempting any of the treatments or remedies, it is highly recommended that you consult with a health or medical practitioner (preferably one that is educated about and open to alternative medicine).


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