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ALL Smokers, Younger or Older:
(Many Doctors/people have used this treatment successfully.)
Whether Jim Got Emphysema & COPD from Smoking or not ...
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SKEPTICS: Please see posts below:
"Don't Let SKEPTICISM..." and "Think About It ..."
The substance Jim used has been documented thousands
of times in mainstream science and medical, including

The Journal of the American Medical Association

(JAMA) for many diseases, conditions, and ailments.
Yet, mainstream medicine is far from recognizing and
promoting it; evidently because it's naturally occurring and
therefore, it's inexpensive, not patentable and not profitable.
Forward-thinking, alternative doctors have recommended and
administered it
to their patients—with amazing success!
Countless people have for years and are now using it at home
with amazing success for many reasons!
Yet, many more people don't even know about it.
Others are spreading this news, and now we are too.
Our e-book reveals diverse credibility and validity.
"I read the PDF. Well written.Very impressed
with the stories and places (links) to go to back it all up."
M. Owen, Australia
"I read your report on emphysema and COPD,
and it gives a very good account of how to
successfully treat these conditions.”
Alan M., Scotland
We're not saying you shouldn't quit smoking,
we're just telling Jim's story ...
20 Years ago,
I Was On My Death Bed ...

with Less Than 6 Months to Live.
After Starting This Home Treatment—
I Was Back On My Feet and Working in 3 DAYS!

I Never Quit Smoking and
After Only 6 Weeks of This Treatment ...
My Doctor Exclaimed ...
"Whatever you've been doing—keep doing it!
Hold your skepticism until after you read our e-book!
It couldn't be more credible!


(20 Years Ago ... and It Only Cost Me $20)
by Jim

I was on my death bed. My skin color was bluish and I was getting weaker by the day. My Doctor gave me 2 years to live—if I quit smoking and did everything right. He gave me only 6 months to live—if I continued living like I was, i.e., smoking 1 -2 packs of cigarettes a day. I was too weak to fight and didn't change my life-style. I resolved to just die. My days were spent in bed or on the couch. Weaker and weaker I grew.

Then it all changed—and REVERSED! Without changing my life-style in any other way, I spent $20 and began this home treatment. Within only 3 days, my skin color came back—and I was up and at 'em—and went to work! I started regaining strength and energy! Day by day, as quickly as I was deteriorating beforeI WAS NOW BEING RESTORED! My family and I couldn't believe what was now happening! Just a few days before, they were preparing for my funeralBUT NOW—I was becoming more ALIVE THAN EVER! It was INCREDIBLE!!

(Oh, I experienced one side-effect of this home treatment—my painful arthritis disappeared ... and NEVER returned! What a "side-effect"!)

About 6 weeks later, I went to my Doctor. He could not believe how well I appeared to be, and I told him what I had been doing. After he did some tests, my DOCTOR exclaimed ...

"Whatever you've been doing—keep doing it!

in about 6 WEEKS and I was
STILL SMOKING 1 - 2 Packs a Day!

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Here it is, now, over 20 years later—and I'm still alive! I NEVER quit smoking or changed my life-style in any other way. All I did was this $20 home treatment, of a natural substance, for less than 2 months, and then stopped the treatment! I never did it again, though I could have continued to maintain it, or do it occasionally. Since I have lived now over 20 years longer than my conventional doctor predicted—I have been able to know all my seven precious grandkids, and have had the energy to play ball and other activities with them over the years! I thank God for this. Had I never known about this SIMPLE $20 treatment or done it—I would never have known my grandkids—and they would have known me only by stories and photos!

I Was Given a Second Chance at Life ...
and I'd Like to Share My Story with You!
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Our e-book is short and to the point; its value is worth far more than the price. You can't put a real price on value that can SAVE YOU MUCH time, energy and money as well as PREVENT pain and short or long-term effects from ailments or injuries. Each of the FREE BONUSES is worth the price of the e-book.

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To extend our confidence in the value of our e-book, we're giving you a 5 Day Guarantee of satisfaction. Five days is plenty of time to read this small report, to check out its links and sources, and to realize its truth, validity, and value. If after reading it you don't feel the knowledge is valuable and you would like a refund, we will be glad to refund you. However, as this is not a tangible product that can be returned, we have one term & condition: You must write us a letter as to whether either you tried the treatment or remedies as well as the results, or explain why you don't think all of the information is valuable to you.

Please address all correspondence to: TruthOutsideTheBox@gmail.com.

The statements in the e-book are testimonies and are for informational or educational uses only. They have not been reviewed by the FDA. They are not intended for diagnosis or any medical advice. They are testimonies of what we and others have done, and we are simply exercising our right of free speech to share them. Prior to attempting any of the treatments or remedies, it is highly recommended that you consult with a health or medical practitioner (preferably one that is educated about and open to alternative medicine).

Don't Let Skepticism Keep You From Knowing This (Re: Our E-Book) ...

We understand skepticism. There is some unbelievable "stuff" online. It is good to maintain a wise degree and skill at "crap detecting." But our e-book about Bud's story is a true and real experience. And, as you will see from the resource links in the ebook, Bud is not the only one who has had amazing results from this treatment; many doctors and people have used this effective, simple and inexpensive treatment for decades, for many diseases, illnesses and ailments.

The masses have mocked forward-thinking individuals for thousands of years. Would you have been someone who laughed at the notion of a "horse-less carriage" (automobile), or at the Wright brothers for believing they could fly? Yes, there is bunk and B.S. in the world, and online. But now—who doesn't have a working "horse-less carriage?" And airplanes are almost as numerous as birds in the skies. (Maybe if there were less mocking in the world and more support of visionaries—we could have evolved in higher knowledge and technology decades or centuries earlier.

There is much truth and beneficial information outside the "box" of mainstream knowledge. Countless people have gotten very effective treatments and healings ("cures"). And, now, too—thousands of people are up to doubling or more their gas mileage by vaporizing their gas and safely supplementing their fuel with hydrogen on demand. (See blog post below on "Laugh at Rising Fuel Prices"). There are other areas as well.

Yes, we all need to maintain a wise degree and skill at crap detecting. However, the key to true wisdom is to continually be open to considering the evidence, not looking at it with a closed mindset. It seems that hard-core skeptics almost pride themselves to the point that evidence doesn't penetrate their perception; they'd rather walk away feeling they're right ... regardless of the evidence or facts; their objective is to be right ... at all costs. And some skeptics seem to have an agenda against a certain thing or area—that keeps them stuck in the old, profiting from it, or whatever reason. Woe to all those who would hinder the true advancement and evolution of knowledge that would hinder humanity from benefiting!

We are not going to try to up-sell you the treatment product; we will show you what it is, lead you to a number of sources to get it, and lead you to some of the many independent sources and testimonials that validate its general powerful effectiveness. With a healing treatment so effective, so inexpensive, and non-patentable—is it any wonder that the state, "junk" medical science, big pharma and other vested interests have fought for decades to keep it from the mainstream public, from YOU?

Do yourself a favor, don't pass up this opportunity because of skepticism. We offer a MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE; 5 days is plenty of time to read this small report, to check out its links that validate the info, and for you to realize it was well worth the price. Once you read it, and see the diverse sources of validation, we believe you WILL quickly see its truth and value; besides, EACH of the FREE BONUS Remedies and E-Book are worth the price. If you really want to talk to us, send us an email with your phone number and we'll call you as soon as we can. Remember, this report is for informational purposes only; what you do with it is your decision—your CHOICE. And, of course, individual results from such treatments may vary. If you are just a hard-core skeptic — email us: TruthOutsideTheBox@gmail.com.

We'll be glad to email with or talk with you. Don't let this great information pass you by simply because you don't believe! There is much more to health and healing than the BOX of mainstream medicine's theories and explanations allow. This ebook offers sufficient credible sources and reference for any skeptic to begin a journey of discovery ... if they're willing to open their mind, and put in some effort to think. Thank you and enjoy the read!

Think About It (Re: Our E-Book) ...

If mainstream medicine had all the answers—why are millions of people EVERY YEAR seeking & finding better treatments from Alternative Medicine & Home Remedies? That's right—millions of people are now seeking out Alternative Medicine's treatments and Home Remedies; some may work little—but many more have and are extremely successful! If YOU are still skeptical about Alternative Medicine's successes—you need to open your mind—and research it for yourself! The EVIDENCE is overwhelming!

We and many others have experienced great success with alternative treatments and remedies! Many other people have used and are now using the treatment Jim used for different diseases, illnesses & ailments. Another man with emphysema received it from a DOCTOR—and within ONLY 3 days, he was much better and stronger!

Jim is one of many, and now you have the opportunity to learn about it. Jim never regretted learning about it and using it—for had he not—he would have been in the ground 20 years ago ... never to know or play with all his seven precious grandkids!

The human body has innate healing forces and processes! It's truly amazing how it can recover when given what it needs! We're not saying you shouldn't quit smoking, though Jim never did. And were not going to try to up-sell you the product. We don't sell it; but we'll link you to some sources that do. And we'll show you diverse, independent and qualified sources that validate and give solid credibility to what we're saying. We're just sharing Jim's story, our experiences insights, and some valuable and powerful FREE Bonuses: Rare Remedies, and a FREE E-Book.

We're not diagnosing or attempting to prescribe anything; we're not trying to get you to do anything with it. What you do with it is your decision—your CHOICE—which is what freedom is about: CHOICES of thought, decisions, goals, expression, pursuits, life-styles. You can't choose that which you don't know about. Whatever you do with it, it's a great read and worth the small price! With a money-back guarantee—what have you got to lose?

OUR E-BOOK ALSO GIVES YOU THE CONTACT INFO FOR SOME OF THE WORLD'S MOST CREDIBLE & AMAZING ALTERNATIVE DOCTORS/SOURCES. Hundreds of thousands of people have benefited from their alternative treatments, insights and remedies, including celebrities and professional athletes. Don't let skepticism, doubt or procrastination keep you from this information! You can have this information in only minutes from now!


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